Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Information about Tyler

Thank you for your care and concern about our family and our recent heartbreaking loss.  Our world has been turned upside down, and the outpouring of kindness and love from so many across the states has overwhelmed our hearts already.

We have created this blog as a method to give the information many are seeking from a central location.  As new information becomes available we will post here and appreciate you dropping in to leave your condolences and memories to share.

On the evening of July 3, 2012 Tyler was loading a truck from a new grain bin here on the farm.  He was inside the bin and became caught in the sweep auger which mangled his leg.  The loss of blood from this incident ultimately caused his death.  Duane and Brenda (his parents) and several extended family members were with him for the last 10 minutes of his life.  He was conscious and able to express his love before laying his head back and closing his eyes.  The paramedics worked on him for over an hour upon their arrival, but to no avail.  The incident occurred at approximately 8pm CST.

Tyler was born in Henderson, NE on January 28, 1991, the second child of Duane and Brenda (Forsberg) Grotz. He was welcomed home by his older brother Darren. Later he welcomed home two little sisters, Brianna and Tonya. He made his choice to serve the living God in 2000 and was true to that special commitment the rest of his life.
Tyler loved animals, raising a fish and a lamb as a child, chickens and calves in grade school, and later fattened cattle in his high school years. Tyler graduated from York High School in 2009 and joined his Dad, Mom, and brother in the farming operation, and loved to work with Brianna and Tonya also. He spent lots of time, working in the field with his cousins – Daniel, Rodney and Brent Grotz, and Uncle Delton and Aunt Renee, his Grandpa Al and Grandma Doris. He loved to play on the lake, and go hunting and fishing, especially with his friend, Tyler Kleeb. Even more, Tyler loved farming….putting his heart into it. In August of 2009, he and his cousin Cody Forsberg renovated and moved into a home owned by Curtis and Mary Folkert’s, with whom he had a working and friend relationship, and later Tim Veldkamp joined them. Tyler then lived by himself before Tim Hertz moved in with him two weeks ago. Tyler will be greatly missed.
Tyler is survived by his parents, Duane and Brenda, one brother, Darren and sister-in-law Cara, and two sisters, Brianna and Tonya all of York; Grandparents, Albert & Doris Grotz of York and Bernice (Pete) Kracht of Rock Rapids, IA; aunts and uncles: Lorna (Garland) Snow of Kearney, NE, Carol (Mike) Austin of Draper, UT, Delton (Renee) Grotz of York, Anita Forsberg of Boyden, IA, Leroy (Jenette) Forsberg of Estherville, IA, Mary (Chris) Craven of Rochester, MN, Loren (Karen) Forsberg of Dunnell, MN, several cousins and a host of friends. He was preceded in death by a grandfather, Melvin Forsberg, and one aunt, Nileta Forsberg.

Funeral Services
11am on Saturday, July 7, 2012

York Auditorium  (East of 6th St. off of the one-way going North through York)

Visitation:  9-11am on Saturday July 7 in the auditorium, preceding the funeral

Catered luncheon following the burial  ( no additional food will be necessary to bring) 

A memorial fund has been established for the family in the name of:

Tyler Grotz Memorial Fund
Routing number 104900349
Cornerstone Bank 
529 Lincoln Avenue
P.O. Box 69
York, NE  68467
Phone: (402) 363-7411

Duane & Brenda Grotz
1018 Road L
York, NE  68467-8437


  1. Thanks so much for setting this blog up. We are so very sorry for this loss of such a special young man! He was loved by so many and will be missed by all who knew him.

    We pray that the God of all comfort will be with you and comfort you through this extremely difficult experience...all the way through.

    We are very sorry that we are unable to be at the funeral, but we will be with you in Spirit and thought.

    Love to you all,

    Royce, Lisa, Caden, Micayla, & Callen

  2. We are very very sorry to hear about your precious son being taken and want to give our condolances to you and may the God of all comfort be with you and your family during this tragic time. We have been studying in Matthew about "no man knows when our time will be", only the God of Heaven. My parents were acquainted with the Grotz family in Denver, years ago.
    We are so sorry.
    Bruce and Edna Bassett
    Happy, Texas

  3. We feel for you in your time of loss. Even though we do not know Tyler or his family, we wish to send our love and care. Our prayers are with you. Thankful for faithful young lives that are an example to us all.
    Love from your Utah friends,
    Jason Weeda family

  4. My heart aches for you, knowing I cannot imagine what you are feeling. I know the God of all comfort will pour out extra to you in this situation.
    Loren Quick

  5. The last time I saw Tyler he was a small boy, so I cannot say I knew him, even though he is my cousin, but my heart goes out to his family and friends who know and love him. My heart breaks and even though I cannot get to the funeral, my heart and spirit are with his family in this tough time. Big hugs! Love, Judy Cummins

  6. Our thoughts and hearts are with you SO much these days. We know how hard it is to lose a son and the loss you are feeling. We just wish we could wrap our arms around you and erase the pain, but know it wouldn't be enough. So glad you can know comfort from the One who knows what your hearts need. We will plan to see you Saturday.
    Our Love & Care,
    Brad & Deirdre

  7. I don't know you, and you don't know me but I'm so thankful that in God's way we are family. In our Gospel Meeting tonight here in Tennessee our brother worker, Loren Spellman, spoke about your son. His heart is so grieved and we all felt it in the meeting. Our love and condolences to you. As a parent myself, I cannot imagine the pain you are going through. Our thoughts and prayers go your way.

  8. Thoughts, care, and love are going your way often these days. Though I cannot completely grasp the loss you must feel, I do grieve with you and remember you in prayer before the One who can feel your loss and understand. May you find the comfort of His Spirit especially close and rich. - Mike H.

  9. Duane, Brenda & family,
    Please know we are thinking of you all at this time. Our hearts ache for you. Love, Kyle, Danaka & family

  10. Our thoughts are with you all and we want to share our heartfelt love and deepest sympathy.

    Dwight & Lois Myers
    Butler, Indiana

  11. What gorgeous photos you have to remember your boy's unforgettable smile. We are sad beyond words and know that there is nothing we can say to ease your pain. The Comforter will draw very near to all of you, we have no doubt. We didn't know Tyler especially well, we knew him, but not the kind of "knowing" where you can just call him up and chat. BUT we were always fond of him because he was the kind of young man who was accepting. He didn't judge. He didn't criticize. He always had a smile ready. He made others genuinely feel welcome, it just emanated from his pores. He had no pretense. He was indeed a special young man and your days will be sad without him. As time goes on the pain will ease a tiny bit and you will begin to smile and giggle about silly things he did and said. We will always remember him that way. Our thoughts and prayers are with each of you. Brian , Vicki, Evan and Emily Schmer

  12. We grieve with you in this great loss! We feel so blessed to know your family and Tyler! We cherish our memories. It was so sweet when Tyler, Nathan, and Cody bought Larisa a soft poke-a-dot blanket during her recovery. She told me yesterday that she'll treasures it even more! Football on the Grotz farm will never be the same without tough Tyler.
    This past month Tyler has meant the world to Tim as a roommate, friend, and brother in Christ. Thank you for raising a God fearing boy who we've loved so much! Our love and prayers - Jeff, Monica, Jaclyn, Nathan, Timothy, and Larisa Hertz

  13. We are so, so sorry to hear of your devastating loss. Our hearts ache for you and know that we don't have words that can express how we feel or that can comfort like we wish they could.
    I woke in the middle of the night after Holly called to tell us the news and spent some time wondering how a parent lives through the loss of a child. I was comforted to think of the great, gentle hand of God that can reach down to comfort, soothe,and little by little heal. I so hope you are able to know comfort from our wonderfully wise and kind God. We are so grateful for the wonderful friends you have been to our kids and know that Tyler was very, very special to our grandchildren. He will be greatly missed by everyone.

  14. Words cannot express the feelings but know that you are remembered. Someday the finger of God will wipe away all tears from our eyes but not today. I grieve with you. We are glad for the one to whom Tyler committed himself and who is able to meet our need. You have so many who are standing by at this time but trust you will know the comfort of the Lord's presence these days. Love, Craig

  15. Dear Duane, Brenda & family,

    No words seem to be adequate at times like this, but I do want to tell you that I'm so, so sorry for your loss. I have special memories of my times there at York, and of your family. One never knows when a life altering event will come our way, and there is no 'preparing' for such, it seems. I'm thankful that we know, and YOU know, the God of all comfort, and that we can safely trust Him to lead His children through the experiences that look so impossible to us.

    With care, A sister, Susie Block

  16. Our thoughts and love have gone your way since hearing the news. Tyler made quite an impression even with the young people here in Wisconsin. We have many his age group in our area. He was mentioned several times in our bible study last night about living each day with purpose.

    We just want you to know our hearts hold you close and we're thankful you know the source of all comfort.

    Love and prayers to you from our family,
    Duane, Linda (Rowland), Rayna, Trevor, and Mira Debelak

  17. Our hearts ache for you all...our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, Shaun, Helen, Nolan, Hannah and Elliot Hottell

  18. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Our hearts are aching for you.
    Travis, Janelle, Parker & Brooke

  19. Duane, Brenda and Family ... The tears in our hearts blend with yours during this time of sorrow. Know that our thoughts and love go your way. Love, Bruce and Randi, Tad, Doug, Bryan & Matt Belling

  20. Dear ones, we are so sorry for the death of your son. I remember him and his brother from conv of "94. Just a little guy playing. So thankful that the Lord leads and guides through times like this. I know that you feel His presence near.
    Take care of your selves and condolences to all of your dear families.
    Love Pauline, Matt, Andrew, Cameron, &Tim

  21. To the Grotz family,
    We are so, so sorry for your loss. The bonds of love shared in Christ cause us to grieve with you even though not acquainted. But how thankful for the choice Tyler made in his youth and kept true to until his dying day. That is all that matters to him now. We are thinking of your family, of Tim Hertz whom we know, and the others who were close to Tyler. The loss is great; God's comfort and help will be greater.
    With love and care,
    Pete & Deena Chavez -- Roseville, CA

  22. My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time. I cannot even begin to imagine your sorrow and anguish. Just know that you are not alone in these dark days...many prayers are with you from many places. A friend in Christ, Jen Martin (Laramie, WY)

  23. I don't know you folks personally but know of you from my Minnesota and Utah connections. My heart goes out to each of you since I too recently lost a loved one. My nephew Josh Harvey passed away 3 weeks ago after a nearly 5 year battle with cancer at the age of 13 1/2. It has been my experience that this God we serve comforts above & beyond what we ever could imagine. After all his thoughts towards us are thoughts of peace& not evil to give us an expected end. In the death of our loved ones we've been given a glimps of heaven and from the standpoint of eternity it's only a blinking of an eye before we'll be together again. My prayers are with you all today & in the future as you learn to live again without Tyler. Sincerely, Shelley Ekman

  24. Words cannot express our deep sympathy in the loss of your son (Brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, etc)Our thoughts are with you! I know your loss will be felt deeply by so very many! We didn't know Tyler personally, but I've appreciated so much reading tributes about him. It brings to mind the hymn, "Dear Lord we thank you for the youth today..."
    Our love & care,
    Leon & Maxine Jelinek

  25. Grotz & Forsberg Families,
    Our hearts are aching, thinking of your loss. It all seems so unreal. We just want you to know that our thoughts are with you, even though we cannot be there in person.
    -Jana (Craven), Nate & Aurelia Miller

  26. We have never met, but I wanted to say how very sorry I am for your loss. I know it is something that you are feeling very keenly. Thank you so much for taking the time to put up the information and pictures of Tyler and your family. They bring tears to my eyes. May you know the comfort that only our Father can give, now and in the days ahead. I was so glad to hear that Tyler had given his life to the Lord. This is a very tragic event that has happened, but one thing is certain, and that is that Tyler is forever SAFE in the arms of his Father. My prayers go to your family. Sincerely, Marilyn Sherling- Wenatchee, WA.

  27. The hymn 287 has been repeatly going thru my thoughts since hearing of Tyler's tragic accident. Our hearts are heavy for the huge loss for Tyler's family, his friends and his little meeting. No words can be found to express comfort, know that you are very near in our hearts and prayers.
    Hugs and deep care,
    Kerry and Janna Williams' Family

  28. Dear Duane, Brenda, Brianna, Tonya, Darren and Cara,
    Thinking of you soo much ... our hearts ache for you in your loss....... Appreciated our time with you all just recently and getting aquainted with Tyler a bit, as well as the rest of the family. So very thankful for faithful young lives that leave a Godly influence. Sending love and hugs,
    Leroy, Denise, Alex and Keisha Veldkamp

  29. Our thoughts continue to go your way since hearing of the sad news~ In all of the sadness and sorrow, a smile still comes to heart when thinking of the 'beauty' of having a Godly child who has been taken away from the cares and struggles of this life to forever dwell with an eternal God who has so much more to offer than we could ever imagine. May precious memories and the confidence of an everlasting hope bring you the comfort that nothing else would be able to do. Our love in Him~ Wes & Marilyn Brown

  30. Words seem so inadequate at a time like this. Want you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you now, and will continue to be with you all in the days that lie ahead. It is a real comfort to know that Tyler lived a faithful life and "sowed his life as seed, to live evermore". Sending special care and deep sympathy, LeAnn Jaime Kaden

  31. We are so sorry for your loss!

    Michael, Renee (Ross), Ethan, and Elizabeth Keller

  32. We are not personally acquainted, but the thought of your family finding comfort in knowing that even those who didn't personally know Tyler can feel your pain and loss inspired me to write. This pain and loss is felt throughout many states and maybe this is just another example of the beautiful unity of the kingdom.
    I hope you find the love and care of the friends, workers, and most of all our Heavenly Father to get you all through this very hard time. God will send comfort, because we know He feels your every sorrow and hears our prayers for you.

    Amy Swenson
    Mesa, AZ

  33. So Sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. So thankful for Tyler's faithful life and the impact it has had on so many including myself. May God wrap your whole family in His arms of comfort.
    Love in Him, Marlene(Schwartz)and Joel Kears
    Savannah, GA

  34. So glad, that at such a sad time as this, God's thoughts toward us are for good, that we could know an expected end, even when time and chance throw the unexpected our way. His Words, His Servants, and His family will comfort you all.
    Bryan Joyce
    Newberg, OR

  35. Our thoughts have been with you all often this week... We're so thankful that God constantly draws near to comfort and guide! In times of deepest darkness, in sorrow and distress, the Lord draws near... Though we didn't really know Tyler, we have many happy memories of always seeing a smile on his face, walking with friends on the convention grounds! We're so thankful that you taught Tyler the most important things in life, secured now for all eternity.
    With love & care, Tyson, Darlita, Mariah, Kinsey, and Brynna

  36. Duane & Brenda, Darren and Cara, Brianna, Tonya,
    Sending our love to you all. We share your heart break as also being bereaved parents.
    There just aren't any words really, our sincere love filled cyber embrace to each of you, from our hearts to yours.
    Bill and Laurie Gadbois

  37. Thinking of you all so much, wih a heavy heart, and thankful that the God of all comfort is so near. Things must seem so dark, a light that glorified God on earth has gone from us, but it's very real that Tyler has gone on before us - his light is now one with the One he loves and appreciates, in all the completeness and perfection that's in His will. May the peace of heaven, which passes all understanding, abide in you and may you prove the grace of God is sufficient.
    Yr bro
    Craig J
    Qld Australia

  38. Thank you so very much for this way of reaching out to you, your family, and friends. We are sitting here in our little corner of NH, hearts absolutely aching with you, and we needed some way to express our love and care. (Katy (Henry) Forsberg grew up here, so we know of a lot of the connections.) This has caused such searching in our own hearts because it's just too easy to go along day by day, taking life for granted. We will be watching the clock on Saturday, with you in our thoughts, picturing the outpouring of love and support that will be there...guaranteed. With heartfelt love for you all, Dale, Laura, Austin and Bronson

  39. Our thoughts go your way as well. Our deepest sympathy! Enjoyed thinking of the time when our children were together. One time in particular when your boys had a little motorized jeep. We stopped in one time and the boys gave our girls a ride. They were all about 3 and 4 or so at the time.
    We too will have thoughts going your way continually this weekend and the next few days and months.
    May you find comfort and strength in the one above.
    Going thru this experience with you does remind us of the brevity of life. Take care! Love, Harold and Janalee

  40. Our hearts go out to you in your great loss~may you know of the Comforter's presence at this time. I don't know you personally, but feel I do through my brother, Kelly. We are from NH and many from New England are feeling for your family. God's family is so wonderful~LOVE. Thank you for sharing with us your beautiful family...the words of that hymn, "Life at BEST is very BRIEF...", when we received the call of Tyler's accident.
    Our heartfelt love to all the family and friends~Neal and Debbie Anderson

  41. It's really not possible to find words to express the feelings of the heart at a time like this...even though 1000s of miles away, please know that my heart and thoughts are very near to you all. Thankful that prayer knows no limits of distance... So, so sorry for your loss, with deepest sympathy and much love,
    Laura Watkin

  42. Just wanted to express how very sorry I am for the loss of your son. Losing a child is the hardest experience any parent could go thru. It's not the order of things. I know the pain and grief of the loss of a son, but I also know the incredible love of this incredible family here on earth and the amazing comfort that can only come from our dear, loving Father. My heart is knit with you in this terrible time and will be each day. Just know also that in the days to come the comfort too that will come because you son served the ONLY true God. He got to heaven before you and will be waiting to greet you when you arrive. He too will be among that cloud of witnesses encouraging you every step of the way. Our God will NOT leave you nor forsake you,. Trust in That. With much love, Helen

  43. Dear Duane, Brenda and family,
    We are so very sorry for your loss. We are thankful that we had the opportunity of getting to know Tyler these past few years. We will be unable to be there tomorrow but please know we are there in thought and spirit! We all have fond memories of Tyler. We are thankful for his faithful life! We pray for Gods comfort in the days that lie ahead!
    With Love and Care,
    Dwayne, Jonita, Jaelyn, Wade, Wyatt &Jennifer Groves

  44. Duane, Brenda and family and all who loved Tyler especially,
    We weep with you in your loss, feeling a deep sorrow for the heartache and loss you are enduring now. But even in the midst of the sorrow, there is also thankfulness that he loved the Lord so much and leaves such a good testimony and influence behind. What a blessing and a comfort that is .... and so thankful that you all can lean upon a living, loving God who knows all the fullness and depth of all the pain of your hearts, feels it in His own heart so deeply, and has such deep love and comfort to give to you.
    Our love and prayers today and in the days ahead ....
    Lanae and family

  45. We do not know you personally but heard of Tyler through the Rowland's who are our neighbors and we meet with. Our thoughts have been with your family and feel shaken by your loss. Know there are so many who care near & far. You have a beautiful family and know your loss of your son is great. Love to you all. The Ransoms in WI

  46. Dear Duane and Brenda, and family,
    Our hearts ache for you. Thankful for confidence of our Comforter. With our deepest sympathy, and love,
    Steve and Karen Pedigo

  47. Dear Grotz Farmily,

    We are just so, so sorry to hear of your loss. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with you, despite being thousands of miles away. I have very fond memories of my visit with you all at York (a few years ago now)....and will always remember Tyler as such a keen, budding, young farmer!
    So glad to hear of his faithfulness, and know that you will find comfort in that too.
    Sending you all a huge hug from Australia,
    With Love and Care
    Andrew & Margie Milla
    QLD Australia

  48. Dear Duane,Brenda & Family:Our thoughts and Prayers have been with you since hearing about Tylers accident. Our hearts are aching with yours. Would love to be there Saturday but not possible at this time. Our Love to you and your family. Pete & Peggy Peterson Pasco,Wa.

  49. We were with our workers when we got the news. They were devastated as we were when we heard of this, even though we did not know Tyler personally. Our Bible study was so soft because of this ... the Lord will see you through in all ways because of your trust in Him. It is a wonderful thing to know Tyler had his faith and trust in the Lord. Love to all.

  50. We haven't met, but I feel a connection to your family as mutual members of God's family and fellow farmers. As a parent, I can only imagine the grief of losing a child. Please just know how many are thinking of and praying for you, even those you've never met. We're just so sorry to hear of the loss of your beautiful child.

    Heidi, Ric, Jed and Hannah Accola

  51. You do not know us either but that does not change our deep sadness at this time of your loss. We have no words to express to take your pain away. Thankful for reading that Tyler was living with a faith and hope in the living God. Takes some of the "sting" away but you will feel the void and we can be so thankful for the Comfort of the Holy Spirit that is provided to us. Hold those memories close in heart as you will need them now and for years to come. Sounds like he was a very special young man. Just know we are thinking of you very very much and our hearts are heavy thinking of the these days and the days ahead.
    Love and Sympathy to All~
    Brenda (Helf) and Keith Krisher
    Appleton, WI

  52. Duane, Brenda and family...

    We want to send our care and love. We are thinking of you so much these days.

    Greg and Erica Kracht and family

  53. So sorry for your loss. I had read this quote before and it seems very fitting to your loving family.
    **I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love. -Leo Buscaglia


    God's Blessings to you all,
    Zack Abresch & Bambi Junge

  54. Duane, I have not seen you for many years, and have never met your wife and children, but our children are similar ages to yours, and our hearts go out to you and your family at this sad time. It is good to hear of Tyler's faith and choice to serve God. We hope you find comfort in God's presence and in the memories you have of your time with Tyler.

    Love to you and your family,
    Kent and Devi (Austin) Bergh
    New London, MN

  55. We are so glad that when words fail us to offer the intense comfort you need, that the Spirit can provide that. Our thoughts and hearts have been with you since Tuesday night and will continue to remain there for a long, long time.

    Stephen & Donna Klepzig

  56. To the family of Tyler...we do not know you either but our thoughts surely have been with you when we heard of Tyler's death....we are so glad for the comfort of our Heavenly Father and know that you are especially glad for that at this time...with tender thoughts and care, Friends from Wisconsin, Marv & Minnie Scholze

  57. You have been in our thoughts and prayers every day, and we are so very sorry for your loss of your son and brother. We wish you the comfort of our Heavenly Father and strength and courage for today and the many days that will follow without Tyler. Thinking of you with love in Him.

    Love, Tom & Joyce Kavaloski (Stillwater, MN)

  58. Duane, Brenda & Family:

    I also don't know you, but my sister Jonita has mentioned you often. We are so sorry for your loss. Words cannot express even the pain that comes from losing a child. Thankful for the God of Comfort and pray that he can enfold you under his wings during this time. Thank you for shaing a glimpse of Tyler's life through this blog. As Craig mentioned "one day God will wipe away our years, but not today." We will be with in thought and Spirit tomorrow.

    Keeping you close in prayer,
    Darrell & Julia Gulbrandson

  59. Our hearts grieve with you. Though we can't know the depths of your sorrow, we can share in the assurance that living his life in Christ, he is now seeing face to face the One he Loved as he lived on this earth. Hard as it is, it is so precious that you were at his side as he went Home. There is such a comfort in that. All the host of heaven is especially close to all of you at this time and we pray you may find comfort in Him. And may we express our thankfulness for your faithful lives.
    Karen in Cedar Rapids, IA

  60. We haven't met either but our brother Peter knew Tyler. Our thoughts and prayers and deepest sympathy go your way at this time. We cannot comprehend what you're going thru, but so thankful for the one that can offer Comfort in every situation. We've enjoyed the photos- it seems like you can just see the "goodness" in Tyler. We see the young man, but know a parent's heart sees and remembers the babe. It sounds like he was a wonderful, Godly influence on others because of his relationship with his Heavenly father. May cherished memories and confidence in the one we love and serve keep you in the days ahead. Lovingly, Gary and Cynthia Hoekstra

  61. To the Grotz Family and our special Cara,
    Our connection is meeting you a few years ago to exchange Lachlin and Jilanta Clapham during the Stock Show. Our hearts just ache for your unspeakable loss. Randy lost his oldest brother, Tony @ 34 and his sister, Karla @ 20 in 11 months time. So we share the terrible grief of lives cut short. We have emailed with the Claphams about Tyler's death. We just want to reach out and let you know that God will surround you with heavenly and earthy love and comfort. Love and prayers, Randy, Brenda, Summer, Ryan and Nikelle Winberg. Littleton Colorado

  62. We've been thinking of you so much these last few days...thinking of Duane telling us just last Sunday how glad he was to have his boys, thinking of the smile and kindness Tyler always had, thinking of the close bond, the love that's always been so evident in your family. The example your family has always been to us. The example Tyler left for so many other young ones to see and follow. Wishing so much that we could have the words to express our sympathy for you, that we could do something to ease your pain. But we know that the Father is our greatest comfort and comfort comes in knowing that Tyler loved Him.

    Love to all of you,
    Lance and Sharon Jesse and Family

  63. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you. We are so glad you know the True Comforter, especially as you deal with all the thoughts and emotions that swamp you. May it soon be the wonderful memories that bring the tears and not the pain.

    In His Love,
    Beverly and Dan Oakes

  64. We hope you are comforted by the outpouring of love here at this site and you feel the arms of your community holding you up during this difficult time. Connor said Tyler was the hardest working guy he knows. He will be forever remembered by his friends and loved ones and among the land he worked so hard on. God bless you.

    Kelly Bartling and Connor Peery

  65. We have been soo thankful that Tyler touched our lives & we had the privilege of knowing getting to know him & his family. He has always had a very special place in our heart & Marlena's heart. I often think of his kind, gentle, loving, caring, tender spirit! Our times with Tyler & his family we hold dear to our hearts!! Our hearts have ached for you, for the feeling of loss but soo thankful for the great comfort we can know from above & soo thankful for the faithfulness of Tyler & his evident love for God & His people! He is at rest now....he's made it! where we're still striving for!! We love you all!!
    The Dean & Kathy Ramsden Family

  66. our dear ones...can we just tell you how much we love you and how much our hearts are aching for you right now? So thankful that when I don't have the words or know what to do for loved ones that our heavenly Father does know and He is the God of all comfort and He will see you through. So thankful for the deep evidence of a young life well lived, of memories that are forever and an influence that is deep and abiding. We will be keeping you all so very close in heart. Love you all.
    Dan & Cyndie Gray

  67. we are so sorry to hear of the sudden loss of your son.. Our hearts hurt and grieve so for you. So thankful you have a God to draw strength and comfort from.. Love Ed and Donna(Quick) Roseen

  68. Our deepest sympathy in your shock and pain and loss. Although we did not get the opportunity to know Tyler well ourselves, we are inspired by the things others have mentioned of his life, and know those things will be a comfort to you through the difficult days ahead. Our love and care, Harold and Carol Printz

  69. So sorry to hear of your loss. While I didn't know Tyler personally, I knew who he was. I have always appreciated the spirit of the Grotz family, their friends and extended family. So, am very Thankful for such a faithful young life. My heart goes out to each in this difficult time and pray that you can find God's comfort in all of this. Sure have been thinking of you all. With love and sympathy, DeAnn Creech

  70. All I can do is think about you and yours. My heart is aching for you. So much love and sympathy from me. Love, Bonnie S.

  71. We are thinking of your family a lot these days. We are so sorry for your loss. We are praying for you at this time, and that you will find comfort. We do not know your family personally, but wanted to express our care.

    Karlus and Sarah Johnson (New Market, MN)

  72. Grotz family,

    Remember being in your home in '93 when he was 2 years old. Didn't get to see him after that, but we're thinking of you folks these days, while here at our conv.'s in Ukraine.

  73. Our hearts are broken. The Old Cowboy is so sad. He has lost his Pal. Tyler was a treasure. You all will continue to be treasures.
    Prayers and Love from across the road.
    The Swan Family

  74. Just sitting here thinkingo f you each and all out there. inyour lost of Tyler. So heartbreaking to learn your Dear Son ,brother, Uncle,nephew has passed away ...We are all with your family at these Most needful Hours & "just be there with you Spiritually .. feel your lost in our own hearts!" We know God will be comforting you with His Strongest strenght of Love & care. Our God will lift you to see God's Child a
    young man Tyler.. Heart felt Comforts. Ron and Sandy ( Annabel)Burk . McClure Pa.

  75. We are thinking of you often these days and pray for your comfort. Like others I'm thanksful to remember Tyler and your family at convention each year(our connection).
    Lowell, Sheena (minne,) Grant Dykstra

  76. Our dear Duane & Brenda, Brianna, Tonya, Darren & Cara,
    Our hearts are grieving with yours, and for you all! Gradually and gently, may the Lord enfold and comfort you, and bring peace and joy back into your lives, as you lean on Him, each other, and all who love you.

    He is not gone!
    The sound of his voice
    and the memory of his smile
    Will live on in your hearts
    For the rest of your lives.

    He is not gone!
    The memories of his childhood and youth,
    The joy his presence brought to your family,
    And the pride you felt in him
    Will remain a part of you forever.

    He is not gone!
    His influence will continue
    In the lives he touched,
    The faith he inspired,
    And the love that he shared.

    He is not gone!
    His soul did not die,
    He is SAFE with the Lord.
    He has simply moved
    To a new, eternal Home.

    With our love, care and heartfelt sympathy,
    Glen, Anneta, Devin & Jarret

  77. We're hurting out here in California for you all, and want to send our love and prayers to you- Psalms 61:2 "when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I..."
    Love, Ron and Terri Bone
    (We met you at Leroy and Jet's wedding)

  78. Duane, Brenda, Darren & Cara, Brianna, and Tonya and our friend Tim H,
    Our thoughts have been with each you since hearing about Tyler Tuesday night. These days are hard, but we can be so thankful that we have a never ending source of strength and comfort that comes from our Father. Be sure to reflect on the things about Tyler that will help you keep true, let the Lord bring you comfort and encouragement and let the memories you have bring you joy and happiness. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and will be in the days to come.
    Love, Megan Klepzig & Thane McCollum

  79. Dear Duane and Brenda, and also Tyler's brother and wife, sisters, grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, cousins and many dear friends who cared for him and loved him----our thoughts are continually going your way day and night with deep sorrow and sadness. We have never experienced a pain such as this, but thankful for your trust and faith in the One who will see you safely through.
    With love and heartfelt concern---
    Duane and Barbara Spinar and Family

  80. God's people are as when I heard about heart aches for you I've always known you. Thank you for sharing this blog; we can see the love of family in your photos. The photos of Tyler show a beautiful spirit, contentment, love. His life has touched our a loving gentle way..reminding us that life is fragile. Will be with you 'in heart' tomorrow at the service..and in the days to come. With love and sympathy, Brenda (VT)

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  82. We are so, so sorry for your loss. We too remember you in prayer, praying that strength will be supplied for each moment, hour, day ahead as you go through this hard and unpredictable journey of loss and grief. Your family, workers, and meeting will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers in the days ahead.
    Much love and sympathy
    Justin and Melody Printz

  83. Dear Brenda & Duane, our thoughts have been with you folks, and our hearts have been aching for you ever since we heard about Tyler. I’ve so wanted to write to you, and have been waiting the last couple of days, hoping I could bring forth some extraordinary words that would bring you some measure of comfort from the pain you’re all suffering. But,… I have none. And really, I knew in my heart, there are no words that can ease the intense feeling of pain, grief and loss, having lost a son that went before us, twenty years ago. But know that we are sending you much love, and we are weeping with you. And know that as time goes by, even though feelings will ALWAYS be very tender, and while the missing of him will never leave, the pain does recede some, and the best memories of Tyler will shine brighter than the sadness. We are so thankful for the promise of the resurrection, when we’ll all be united with our loved ones once again. Pete spent a Sunday with your family a few years ago, and has such pleasant memories of you all, and sure appreciated being with you that day. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of your family and of Tyler. We continue to think of you, and are praying for you. With heartfelt love and care, Pete & Colleen Hoekstra, Wisconsin.

  84. Duane, Brenda and family,

    We were so sorry to hear about Tyler. Our thoughts go your way so often these days. We can't imagine what you're going through but we're so thankful that God is taking care of you the best that He can. We were at York Convention when Loren was there in 2008 and met you and felt so grateful to be there on those precious grounds. Tyler will be so missed in a very large way but one can be so thankful for his faithfulness and his desire to keep true. His life will speak volumes many years to come. Please know that we care about you and know too that you'll be surrounded by God's loving comfort. Our loving sympathy, Roger & Karen Quick

  85. Dear Grotz Family,
    You are in our thoughts and prayers these days and our hearts break as we think of your great loss. Duane and Brenda, we think of the great kindness you showed toward our brother Stan when you came to Colorado for Mom's funeral 4 years ago. It is easy for us to understand how a son could be as wonderful as Tyler, he had great examples. Please know that we feel keenly your great loss, your pain, and grief.
    With Love and Care,
    Greg and Florine Morrison

  86. Duane, Brenda & Family,
    Sometimes words cannot express that which is in ones heart. You are in our thoughts & prayers. We are so sad for your loss but we are thankful for the example of truth & love that is evident in Tyler and is evident in your family. We are thankful because the example your lives express is an example of what matters most and is forever.
    With our deepest sympathy,
    Gary & Pam Couch, Austin Derek, & Cody

  87. Dear Duane, Brenda & family,
    I'm remembering the sweet time Sally Alexander and I had with your family at supper Sun. en route Marysville to Hunter.
    I am comforted to think of Tyler's last minutes on earth made special by your being there, your holding him in your hands, Duane, as long as you could, and then God and His Spirit gently gathering Him in on the other side.
    With love, sorrow, respect, and confidence that you will grow from the combination of sorrow and comfort,and one day thank God for trusting you, first with Tyler, then with losing him,
    Linda Passage in California

  88. Nothing to say, that hasn't already been said...and words are a poor expression of how one really feels at times like this. Just so very thankful that God's plan is perfect & He knows best and we can safely trust in that! We can think it's not fair, that he was too young...but so thankful God is faithful. Was shared at convention about this way of salvation being a life matter how brief or long our life may be. Just so thankful Tyler made the most of his time & opportunity while he had it! So much comfort in that. We're so glad to know he's gone on to something so much greater and no longer has to face the trials & tribulations that are here on earth...but so sad for the hole he leaves with those who were fortunate enough to know him. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies and love to you during this trying time & dark days ahead. Thankful our heavenly Father is the God of all comfort, and knows just when, where, and how much is needed.
    Love, Todd & Naleta Farnik & family

  89. Lovely to see beautiful family pictures.
    I lost my daughter Michelle when she was 22.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Life will never be the same but you will appreciate little things
    That you barely noticed before. And your relationship with God will
    become even more personal. And Tyler will be with you in spirit every day.
    "Memories keep those we love close to us forever. "
    Janice Mallett. Sydney Australia

  90. Our love and care goes your way during this sad time. So, so thankful for the comfort of our God and dear friends and family. We heard about it in NY through our dear friends the Vaughans (Cody's parents). You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  91. Dear Grotz Family, Faith in God is always so very important but so much more so in times of great loss. It is a wonderful blessing you could be there for him. As time passes, may his memory bring smiles always. With deepest sympathy, Jan, Bev, and Jenna Noles(Grand Rapids, MN)

  92. My heart is so heavy that I cannot be there in person to support you while you face this most difficult time. Your family is always ready to respond as needs arise. You have been so good to all of us. Please know my heart is with you.
    Sending love to you all,
    Scott, Renee, Chet and Chase

  93. We just want you to know that our hearts are with you in these sorrowful days.
    Jim, Shelley and Lynette

  94. The following is from Lonny, Jenny and Nicole Vlieger. I too feel a deep sense of mourning for all of you and also much gratitude to our Father and Jesus who have conquered death and give a living hope no matter what happens. See you at the service. Love, Tim

    Duane, Brenda, and Family:

    Our thoughts and prayers have been with you since the moment Rod called. We at first wondered how you would move on from here and then almost immediately we knew our Loving Living God will provide the needed comfort as he promised. I would encourage you to remember the great times you have had with Tyler and remember our God knows best and has planned the way for us. It is good to be reminded this is a journey and we are just passing through on our way to spend eternity with the One that loves us. Please be assured our prayers and thoughts are with you.

    With our deepest sympathy and love,
    Lonny, Jenny, and Nicole Vlieger

  95. Dear Duane, Brenda, Darren, Brianna, Tonya and all the Grotz family,
    Our hearts ache, and tears fall with yours. We send our love, hugs and thoughts across the seas to you. Such wonderful memories of my time with you and a beautiful 12 year old Tyler with a beaming smile and such enthusiasm in all he did. So reassuring to know of his faith and trust in God, following the example of a most precious family. Most of all we send our prayers that you will know comfort in your need.
    Love Always,
    Liz (Milla) & Locky Dawson
    Darwin, Australia

  96. Although we have never met I can not begin to image the pain and suffering you are going through. I do believe that God who gives life and takes life will bring you comfort and strength. Praying that his grace and mercy will be sufficient for you.
    With love
    Debbie Thomas

  97. John 10:28
    "I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand". ~ Jesus Christ

  98. Been thinking about you all. While I have never had the pleasure of meeting Tyler my thoughts and prayers go out to you and yours. Thankful for another faithful soul, who was a wonderful example that gained the victory! Love in Him, Brooke & Shannon Carlson

  99. My thoughts have been with you all since I heard of Tyler's passing. May God comfort you at this time and give you the strength to get through this. I have never met Tyler but have the privilege of knowing Mike.
    With Love in Christ,
    Rachel & Jerry May

  100. Dearest Duane, Brenda and family~
    Our hearts have been breaking for you and our minds constantly your way ever since the phone call Tuesday evening. We can only begin to imagine the pain and loss you feel. You and the entire Grotz family are very special people to us. We met Tyler probably 18-19 years ago. We stopped at Grandma Grotz for Sunday mtg and had the priviledge of joining the Grotz clan for Sunday dinner. Tyler was such a cute, full life little boy with an adorable smile. He was such a sweet little teaser. Through the years we have watched your family grow and appreciated your kindness to our family. We are so glad that you have faith in the true Comforter and that Tyler had the same Comforter throughout the tragic experience. We wish we could take your pain away though we are confident that God has the better plan. Please know that we love all of you and care so deeply for you, especially at the time. Love, John and Sandy Linder

  101. Dear Grotz family,
    My thoughts and prayers have gone your way hour by hour since I heard the tragic news of your loss and heaven's gain. Through the tears and the heartache remember that God does not make mistakes and is rejoicing that He has brought a little one home.
    Love in Him, Jonny Dalrymple

  102. I was glad to know Tyler on a personal level, and we were happy to hear that he was able to say good bye. As hard as it is to accept, we can all agree that he is in a better place. God will mend our tears. Our prayers are with you.

    LaRon and Kaila Ramsden

  103. So sorry for your great loss. Praying that you may be comforted.

    Steve and Lorraine Morrison

  104. To the Grotz family,
    When I read the news I was shocked and stunned and no words can express how very sorry we are for your loss. When we sit there on Saturday it will be very sad but at our times of need the Lord draws near. Know that our thoughts and prayers will always be sent your way. I did not know him well but I talked to him and know many others that know him. I was so thankful to hear about all he did for others and thankful for a totally submitted life to God.
    Thoughts and Prayers from Rhonda and Tyrone Kracht

  105. My words have failed many days as I walk around w/ my heart feeling sooooo deeply for yall... if only to hug....

    Meant so much to read words that echo'd what is in so many's hearts these days in a Poem written by Janet Albrecht... so here it is-

    As the heavy weight of sadness presses fierce against our heart, we look in desperation to the One who knows our part.

    And the reality of our weakness is so strongly proven true, as we struggle with what to say and we wonder what we can do.

    A youthful life lived willingly inside the will of God, a youthful life so willingly followed steps that Jesus trod.

    And as we bow or hearts in thankfulness for how Tyler lived his life, we bow our heads in gratefulness for a husband and his wife.

    A youthful couple bringing little ones into the truth they love, and instilled it in their little hearts while God watched from above.

    And we watched them grow with faithful help and love they knew was true, and we watched them take the steps assured to bring them life anew.

    And parents as steady as the night is dark, never faltered or caused them doubt, just quietly steadily did Gods will and showed them what quiet humility's about.

    And so as we grieve, with shattered hearts and a feeling we can hardly go on, just remember that God is watching and He Himself is on the throne.

    So I ask today Dear Lord for Thee to take this family's hand, and lead them carefully down this road you chose and help them understand.

    AS Judy Cronk said "Janet-this is not a poem, it is a Psalm--thank you so much for sharing it!"....

  106. Dear Grotz, relatives and friends,

    We want you to know that our thoughts go to you and our prayers go up for you at this time of Tyler's death. You all have our deepest condolences. We would like to graciously accept God allowing this separation. Some flowers fade and others fall. Isaiah wrote regarding this in his book, 40.7: "the grass withereth, the flower fadeth." But perhaps seven hundred years later Peter referred to this passage and recorded in his first letter, 1 Peter 1.24-25: "The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away: but the word of the Lord endureth for ever." Usually people grow old, fade and die like the majority of the flowers, but at times like this they fall, like Tyler, in the blossom of the youth. We have the consolation that Tyler prepared himself for the prepared place in Heaven and thus encourages us to continue also as we go upward, upward and homeward. We have everything to go on to; always, always, ahead; never, never go back! The staff of workers and our friends in Mexico send their heartfelt sympathy to you all at this time.

    Your brother in Christ,
    Alan Anderson

  107. Dear Grotz family,

    Your hearts must be broken with the nightmare you have lived through this past week! I wonder if you wish you could wake up and it all be just a dream. I cannot even begin to imagine how you feel because I have not walked in your shoes, but it was 35 years ago on July 7th that a family member from So Dakota was also taken in a similar accident. Some on this thread might remember that. One thing that I’ve learned when death strikes, it can bring families and friends together in most horrible but wondrous ways. May the love expressed on this thread help comfort the pain you feel in your hearts and sustain you for future days. We are with you in thought and spirit..
    Love, Harvey and Shanna Olson (Utah)

  108. Although we don't know you, our hearts as parents go out to you. So thankful that when we don't have words of comfort, there is One who is the Comforter that loves us all. My it help to know our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Love, The Arnold Family, New Orleans

  109. Dear Grotz Family...
    We've never met, however, I just wanted to express my condolences for your great loss. Like others have mentioned, it was nice to see the family photos and read about Tyler. Thoughts and prayers go your way at this difficult time. may know a nephew of mine and his in-laws (Byron Nesvog, who married Jane Cronk from Torrington, WY. Jane is the daughter of Dave & Dawn Cronk).

  110. Dear Gotz Family,
    Our family has been thinking of you all this past week. Our young children have seen this blog and asked what had happened, so Tyler has been the topic here quite often this week in heart, mind and prayer. We are grateful that we have a living and loving father that is looking down right now. Our hearts will be with you today.
    Love, Bill, Christie & Family

  111. Our heartfelt sympathy is with you at this time. I cannot imagine the pain of losing such a beautiful child. May the loving God wrap you in His love and bring you comfort. Our thoughts, prayers, and tears are with you.

    Don and Sharon Wierwille from Tennessee

  112. Having lost our 18 y/o daughter 11 years ago, we know some of what you would be feeling. No two situations are alike, though, and this sudden loss is a difficult thing. So glad this blog was created where we can try to let you know our support and love for you, even though we've never met. Please know that as you begin your journey of grief and loss, we will remember. We will pray, and we will think of you. Meetings all across the country tomorrow will be praying for you all, even as friends who know you and friends who are total strangers have been praying for you all as word gets around.
    Bill & Cindy Hodgeman
    Belleville, WI

  113. So sorry to even try to think of the pain and heartache you all are feeling. We can only imagine it in a small measure. We are glad that the Comforter is with you and glad that God's love is so evident in his people.
    Love in Him, the Van Ommen Family

  114. "...There is no place where earth's sorrows, are more felt than up in heaven..." Our hearts go out to you these days..Thank you for your faithful life set before Tyler, his brother & sisters. Now his testimony is forever written on our hearts. Thankful that the Lord understand the greatness of each journey & His love & comfort for each one of you today is even greater...

    "Nor soul can grow without its time of sorrow.
    No life goes on without its hour of pain,
    No sad today but has a bright tomorrow,
    No prayer for strength was ever prayed in vain.
    No tragic night, but has its end at daybreak,
    No drought that does not end in soaking rain.
    No weary ploughing done with sweat & heartache
    But is rewarded by a field of grain." PF, 1960

    With deepest sympathy,
    Marylou Gatan (with Connie Surratt,Lexington/G'boro/Winston-Salem, NC)

  115. What a sweet young man your son was and a great neighbor! We are really going to miss his putting by our house. It was quite comical for our family to watch after he got the blue truck. He sure didn't want it to get a paint chip. The silly things we remember can bring a smile to our face when there are tears in our eyes. Our deepest sympathy goes out to your family! May you feel God's arms around you & carrying you through this time!

    With Sympathy,
    Esther Edelman (Jaeger)

  116. Our hearts ache with yours for the loss of Tyler. He always had a positive attitude anda ready smile. He was also always caring and good to the kids.
    When I heard of the tragic accident Tuesday evening the first thing that came to mind was the hymn 412 and the words of the first verse especially. Then after talking with Duane and Brenda Thursday it seems so clear that Tyler had Jesus to guard and guide him and walk securely into eternity with One so dear. What a loving Savior we have in Jesus anda caring God to send Him to care and walk with us through all lifes experiences. Help us to know how to put complete faith and trust in Him.
    Tyler will be missed even more than we can know but what a comfort to realize he was faithful in his service to God.
    With love and care, Melvin, Kimberly, Andrew and Ashley.

  117. Our thoughts have been with you since hearing about Tyler. I have shed many tears just thinking about how you've all felt by this sudden loss of such a dear son/brother/cousin. We wish we could have known him, but glad we did get to meet the rest of you at Cara (and Darren's) wedding shower last April. What a wonderful family he had for 21 years, and what a life he gave! The best assurance we can have in this life when we lose someone, is the assurance that they have put their lives in the Master's hands. As you face today, and days ahead- wishing you love and support by all there, and most of all from our kind, loving Father.

    With love and care,
    Clovis and Nicole (McConnell) Van Houten, Chancellor, Quess, Garrison, Brenston, and Quade

  118. Thinking of you all this morning. So thankful we got to meet Tyler and you all several years ago. What an inspiration to all who knew him to be true and faithful to our God who will be with us in every weal or woe of this life.

    With Sympathy
    David and Rose Groves

  119. As others have is with heavy hearts we have shared in this experience.
    Today many will be gathered and we grieve along with all.
    May you find strength to live,love,laugh in the days ahead.
    We have a most wonderful God.
    Vernon and Gwen Mote

  120. Our hearts go out to you in this time of loss. We often think of how many things in life are so unfathomable, things we have no power over, things we cannot alter.....but so very thankful we have the love, care and comfort of our Father through it all and we can safely leave it all in His hands. We love and appreciate your family and are so thankful for Tyler's faithful life and wonderful example.

    Our love and care,
    Craig and Noreen McConnell

    1. We want to share in your terrible loss and this is the best way I know how.We probably never have met,but our daughter,Dorothy has been out there in the Wyo-NE convs.Our son,Titus has labored in the Denver,CO area,and we've been at Elizabeth convs.Would be so sad in the loss of Tyler,but we hope you can have a nice funeral today.May the Lord keep you.
      Your friends, John and Amanda Lehman
      Would love to hear from

  121. Thinking of you today as you gather to remember Tyler. We have wonderful memories of he trips up to Wisconsin and him playing games with the kids in the living room. He was truly a ray of sunshine and will be greatly missed. May God comfort and hold you in your loss.
    Love, Diane and Dale Thompson

  122. from Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada comes our sympathy,love & hugs.We share & understand the unreal reality of the pain of losing a brother in a farming accident. "when someone you love becomes a memory,that memory becomes a treasure". We know God will give each of you love ,comfort & solace in the days,weeks & years ahead.Consider us family you just haven't meant yet as we are with you in spirit. Love,Dick and Lois

  123. Thinking of you all. We are friends of the Hertz and part of a family with you all. Cannot imagine your pain, but know we can trust in One that does. Reading what others have said about Tyler is an example to us all.
    Darren, Dianna, Jack and Jade Smith
    Orlando, FL

  124. We cannot understand your deep agony & sorrow with losing your beloved son, but God and his Son would both understand and send great comfort in this experience. It is very heart warming to see how many lives that Tyler's short life has touched & influenced. You must be very proud of the life he lived. Our thoughts and silent prayers have gone your way many times since hearing of Tyler's passing. We will be thinking of the service today as so many will be gathered together to pay their last respects. Our condolences to all your family,

    Randy, Sandy & Brooklyn Musser

  125. Just want to let you know since I read of the passing of your dear Tyler that I have held you in my aching heart. The family of God is so wonderful that joy and sorrow interwoven are felt by each and every member. Thankful for those who have expressed their feelings that have walked this path before you. There will be many lives touched by this and meetings tomorrow will all be very tender in remembrance. And we will remember another Son whose human life ended in tragedy and has given us the comfort we can all know today. Loving thoughts to you all.

  126. Dear Duane, Brenda, Darren & Cara, Brianna & Tonya, and all the family, In our Wednesday Bible Study there were prayers for the family that was going through a very difficult time...I wondered what had happened. After meeting I asked. I was so shocked when it was you guys. Ever since our hearts have truly been breaking with yours..deeply aching, though I know we cannot grasp the depth of your pain when we have never lost a child. Many things have came to mind to write in this blog, but each time I have felt the words were just inadequate. Your loss has touched us very deeply. Maybe because our children are similar ages, and cause we are farmers, and have had close calls with our children that cd've ended so differently. We are truly there in spirit with you, have been since we heard, and will be for a very long time. It has touched my heart to think of all the prayers for you raising all over the world. So thankful for God's family, and His comfort. Please feel our love and hugs..
    Randy & Brenda Stein and family

  127. I've never had the privilege of meeting any of you or of being at conv. there, but want to express my condolescences to your family. 35 yrs. ago today my dad was killed in a similar accident in SD (Lyle Kleffman), so I know a little of what you're experiencing. Life, at best, is very brief - God doesn't give any of us a "lot" of time, but He does give us "enough" time, and from what others have expressed Tyler used his alotted time wisely. This will surely comfort you greatly in the days ahead. My 18yr old daughter and I were looking at your blog and photos of your family and of Tyler and she made the comment, "Oh, if we would live every day with the thought in mind that this could happen to us how differently we might live." Your experience is giving many of us serious thoughts and want you to know that Tyler's life/death is touching many hearts and lives and inspiring us onward. God will not leave you comfortless - and may you have the faith and trust to always believe that He does not make mistakes. Thinking of you today with love and care - Robert, Jody, and JoLonna Gough (Mapleton, Maine)

  128. Rest in Peace Tyler.
    To the Grotz family our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this time. Remember "In times of deepest darkness of sorrow and distress the Lord draws near to chasten to comfort and to bless"
    Love from your brothers and sisters in Christ,
    The Victor Family (Trinidad, West Indies)

  129. Dear Duane, Brenda & Family,
    We want you to know our thoughts have been with you so very much. We all must trust our Father and what He allows. We remember Tyler as a young boy when we stopped at your home a few years ago. You have our love and sincere sympathy.
    Paul and Betty Rowland

  130. Your loss is far beyond my comprehension, but thankful that we have a Heavenly Father that would understand. May the Greatest Comforter of all be with you during this time.
    Pat and Dave Dimzoff

  131. Dear Duane, Brenda and Family--We were sorry to hear
    of Tyler's death and our thoughts and prayers are
    going your way with deep sympathy and care. There
    will be a deep loss in your lives but you will always
    be thankful for the memories of his life that you
    will treasure in your heart. We know that God is
    able to comfort His children and may He give you
    strength through this time of sorrow.

    Love to all, Walter and Linda Weeda

  132. We have never known you and you not us~~but we're sisters and brothers in the family of God. Who cannot be touched by a young faithful life lived for God and taken so suddenly and tragically? I was sent this link from my dear friend in South Australia. So you can see how far reaching GOD'S FAMILY is and how VERY TOUCHED we ALL are. My prayers have not ceased since reading about Tyler and your family. I'd just like you to know you're in our hearts and minds. As so many have mentioned, that no words can really truly express what's in the heart, but may you feel through His Spirit His touch of comfort.
    Caring deeply, your brother and sister~~Peter and Miriam Murray in Louisiana.

  133. All of the above thoughts express ours also. We feel so deeply sorry; but know the will of God is always best. We have tried to visualize the services this morning; and know you will find love and comfort in the Words from above. Just know that there are MANY sharing in your deep sorrow; and though we have never met you; we will One Day all be united together in lasting Joys!!! So thankful for a young life that is an inspiration to all. From all the Musser families of Wyo. Mt., Idaho and Wash.

  134. Dear Family and Friends of Tyler,

    Thinking of you all, "across the miles" since hearing of the tragic loss of your son, Tyler.
    Although we haven't met in person, due to our "common Faith", we enter into Romans 12:15 ...... "and weep with them that weep.". Having experienced losses felt keenly ourselves, will share some words that were shared from a dear friend in our behalf - 

      "Your memory is my keepsake
        with which I'll never part.
        God has you in His keeping,
         I have you in my heart."

    With HeartFelt care, compassion and love from Ohio,

    B. Ewell

  135. Sorry for your loss, glad for the thoughts already expressed above. Living in our natural world we will all suffer loss. So glad that he lived looking forward to a fuller, eternal life with God and the rest of our family.

  136. Our thoughts have been with you all since we got word of Tyler's accident, and especially today! Wish we could have made it to support you all during this difficult time, but know lots of love and thoughts are sent your way!

    Aaron Dana and Dawson Scholten

  137. We might not enter into your real feelings but we are glad that God knows how you feel and He knows hoe to comfort you. We are glad that you are in the Truth so what happened is not something you ask why? but rather knowing in your heart that God's will is best...

    From Bolivia...

  138. Dear Duane Brenda and family; Nothing can be said that has'nt already been said, but just want you to know our thoughts and prayers have been and will be with you. Just had to sit quiet and think this AM while the service was going on, Tyler was such a wonderful example to all, esp. the young folks. Can't imagine the agony you have gone through these days, but arent we so glad we know the God of all comfort!!Just can't get away from the Hymn "life at best is very brief.Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Myron & Darlene

  139. Dearest Grotz Family,
    We deeply feel your loss and the sorrow that comes with it.
    We do not know you, but we love you.
    May you find peace and comfort in our Lord who is holding you dear in his care.

    When we think of you Hymn # 287 comes to thought.

    When my heart is heavy burdened, and I cannot understand
    What I have no power over, I will leave in Jesus' hands.

    With Love, With great care and our Deepest Sympathy,

    Andrew & Christine Bowyer
    Remington, Indiana

  140. Our dear friends that we haven't yet met ... our hearts have been with you so much today as many gathered to pay their last respects to your dear son. Can hardly imagine what you are experiencing, but please know that your brethren around the world grieve with you. I love what we heard recently ... death to a child of God just means changing dwelling places. Heaven will be very near to you, while a comfort from above will warm and cheer your hearts.
    Our tender love, Roger & Sue Erickson - California

  141. Dear Duane, Brenda and family,
    My thoughts have been very much with you since hearing of your heart breaking loss of Tyler. It is a great comfort to you to know that he lived his short life with due respect to the will of God. You must go on with life and good we can have the full confidence that one day when God calls His own to be united together as Paul the Apostle wrote, when the dead are raised incorruptible and those who are alive when the Lord comes, transformed - so shall we be forever with the Lord.

    With loving care for you all, Don Reynolds (now in Cobija, Bolivia)

  142. Have been thinking about your family so very much - especially today. May the presence of the Comforter be very real to each of you as you face the days ahead. John & June Noe

  143. Although I don't know your family my heartfelt sympathy goes your way today. It's during these times that we truly realize just how much love and care God has for us. As has been expressed, it's so comforting to know Tyler used his time wisely.

  144. Like others, my thought have continued to come back to you constantly since hearing of your loss. I do not know you personally, but like someone else posted in a previous reply, we are one big family! I am the same age as Tyler, and it is just so sobering! I can't express how much this has touched my heart, and know that we will all be thinking and praying for you, years down the road. Much love, Heather Boyd (Sacramento, California)

  145. Today was a wonderful tribute to Tyler's testimony. May the words, care and love from today help carry you through.

    Love John and Sandy

  146. Dear Grotz family
    Thank you for sharing , more thoughts and sympathy to you. Your not a lone you have the greatest comforter God. Will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Keep encouraged

    A sister in him

  147. Don't have any idea how you feel because I have never lost a child, nor a sibling. I have, however, lost my husband, but it isn't the same. I am so sorry for your loss, so young and such a sad tragic. I don't know you, but feel your loss. I, do, however, know Tim Hertz. Thankful God shared him with you for this short time. He was a very handsome looking boy. Our prayers and thoughts are with you so much.

    Love, Diane Hensley and family from WV

  148. When Laura and I got a bit acquainted with Brianna in the dorms at Hermosa the events of this week could not have been imagined but we know and understand that time and chance are out of our control. One sweet thought that has been shared is that God does understand, more than anyone, the pain involved in watching his son suffer and the loss that follows. We can be very grateful for his comfort and those of us that stand helplessly by, not knowing what to say, can be assured that God knows what you need. Just know that our hearts ache for you and our prayers and thoughts are with you as you try to find reasons to smile through the tears.
    Christa Carver (Kevin, Conner and Keenan)
    Colorado Springs, CO

  149. Duane, Brenda, and family,

    You have been in my thoughts constantly since I heard of Tyler's accident. I will always remember Tyler as a fun blonde haired, rosy cheeked boy with a smile bigger than life it's self. I am so thankful he loved what mattered. Would have loved to be there today, certainly was in spirit.
    JaRon, Tamera (Pinney), McKenna, and Treyton Townsend

  150. Dearest Family,
    May the deep ache we're feeling in our hearts help to lessen the burden you are carrying!
    Tom and Marlene Bassett
    Fort Wayne, Indiana

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  152. We don't know you personally but, as parents, we can only imagine the deep pain and loss you are surely feeling. Our thoughts have been with you all day, thinking of the memorial service and those gathered there...Thinking of all the lives affected and touched by Tyler's life, and now his death. We didn't get to share in his life but surely do appreciate all we've read and heard about him and hope you can find some comfort in knowing that, in death, his life touched so many. May peace and comfort come to you as you need it.
    Your Friends in Christ,
    Scott and Renita Sansom
    Brooke and Blaire
    Garland, Texas

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  154. Dear Grotz family,

    We wanted you to know that we have been thinking of you all day. We want to remember you all and your loss for more than today, though.

    Love in Christ,
    Murray, Charla, Elliot and Emerson
    West Bend, Wisconsin

  155. I have never met you, nor did I ever meet Tyler, but as a parent, I cannot imagine what you are going through. Since hearing of Tyler's accident, your family has been so much on my mind. I'm thankful you have the comfort, and the love of others to see you through this, and know that God, in His love and mercy, will comfort you.

  156. to all tyler's family and loved ones-

    it was the sincere desire of my heart today, that i could of been at the funeral. my heart aches for you all. of course i'll never be able to say how i feel, but i hope that you'll will be able to recieve some healing in letting sorrow do it's perfect work.
    thank you tyler for the short bit of time i got to spend with you, i will cherish it.
    thank you grotz family that tyler was the product of all the love and care you bestowed on your son/sibling/nephew, and that, that love was able to radiate from his life.
    i pray that the god of all comfort and compassion could keep you in this time of despair. all my love to you-
    cody vaughan

  157. Duane and Brenda and family,
    I'm sorry. I cannot understand what you're going through, but have been thinking of you lots with care. I would have liked to have been at the funeral today, as would have Mom and Dad and the rest, but hope to be there in other ways for you. I know that things have been and may continue to be a whirlwind the next while, but will still think of you when the quietness comes. Please let me know if I can be a help in any way beyond the care given from afar. Thankful for what you have, and what Tyler has.

  158. Dear, dear ones of/to Tyler whose hearts are aching,
    I don't know you but in this great family knowing someone personally is not necessary to feel the pain of another member. Imal Hartsock and I were companions a number of times and I remember she often referred to the Grotz'. In 1984 I had the privilege of being at York convention - I may have met some of you then. Since hearing of Tyler's death you have all been very much in my thoughts and very especially today as you laid his corruptible body to rest. We are thankful his soul and spirit are safe now. I have been appreciating thinking of the One who promises to be with all who pass through the waters and the fire and who DOES care when we think we are going to perish. He makes no mistakes even when our human minds can't understand the motive. I lost a very good friend in a similar accident 30 years ago and at the same age as Tyler ...I remember the pain and I feel your pain today. May the thoughts and prayers of others uphold and comfort you. Continuing to remember you.
    A sister,
    Doris Chambers,
    Guatemala, Central America

  159. Dear Duane, Brenda and family,
    Our thoughts have been so very keenly with you these days since hearing the tragic news. It has also caused us to think of Auntie Margaret Greenaway, since we wouldn't have met or known you except through her. Her love for you all was very great, and we have come to feel the same. It has been a comfort to think of how God's wonderful way works, and that Tyler's arrival in heaven would have been met with joy by Auntie Margaret, and their mutual love renewed with great joy! Auntie Margaret would surely want us to send loads of love and hugs to you all now, and we do, along with our own.
    Deepest love and sympathy, Lois and Daryl Greenway (California)

  160. I do not know you, but the story or your son - his life, his spirit, his death - has touched or hearts. May you know the very real comfort and help of our Heavenly Father every day. With much love from Australia.

    1. Margaret was in our home when we heard of Duane and Brenda's engagement and she was very pleased. Your family's testimony has been a help to many. With our love, Stephen Cronk family

  161. Dear Duane, Brenda and family~ You are so much in our thoughts this morning as you face another first without Tyler. We trust you will have a wonderful and uplifting fellowship meeting this morning, We pray you will find renewed comfort and strength today.
    Love John and Sandy

  162. ALthough we have never met our thoughts and prayers go out to you at this time from Australia. We can't imagine what you must be going through at this time. We pray you will find a rainbow of comfort in this time of need. "Underneath are the everlasting arms"
    Love and Prayers James & Tricia Bowyer& family & fellowship mtg

  163. Dear Grotz's family,

    I have heard about the funeral of Tyler this morning from Hazel Peterson. I only know very little about Tyler and his death. Our sister worker told us that Tyler had made a choice to serve God at 8 and was true to the commitment the rest of his life. I was very glad to hear that he was in the hands of God, and I believe that he will be in the hands of God eternally. Friends in our meeting felt sorry for the loss of a good young man in this world, but we believe that your joy and comfort in God will never cease.
    Thanks you for sharing the news, and we will keep our thoughts and prayers on Tyler and Grotz's family.
    in love,
    Jinman Kim from Daegeon, South Korea

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  165. This comment has been removed by the author.

  166. Dear Duane, Brenda and family

    I was told a loss of a sincere young man from our sister worker, Hazel Peterson. Though I couldn't fully understand how doleful losing a family member is, I wanted to share your pain and grief. It was so thankful that God is now keeping his spirit safe in his etnernal kingdom.
    His age is just the same as my brother's, and thankful God of reminding me that our lives are not ours, God is the only one who knows when is our last day, the last day may come in anytime, and we should be prepared. Thanks for sharing the news, may the peace and love of God be with you all.

    In love
    Jaeduk Joe from South Korea

  167. We keep thinking of your family, Mother and Dad of Tyler, and everyone else that was there during the last moments of Tyler's life. Beautiful that you all have those LAST expressions of love in your hearts. That is a comfort in itself, that he did not die alone. Our whole meeting felt Tylers' loss this am, although none of us have ever met your families. Our 22 year old son chose #105 for our last hymn. Our hearts ACHE for you all. Cannot even IMAGINE the loss you feel, and experience. Love and Care from Our Meeting in Tigerton, WI. Dan Denise Paquette and family.

  168. We too have never met any of you but want you to know that here in New Hampshire many prayers are going up for your family.

  169. Dear Duane, Brenda and all your family:
    We, too, have had you in our hearts and prayers this whole week...especially yesterday as you had the service for Tyler. We have read all the comments with full hearts....sorrowing, because of his loss, but grateful, because of the unity and care of God's people. We will keep you in our hearts in the difficult days can be comforted to know that the son you so lovingly raised was such an inspiration to so many. Much love, and care to you all.......... John & Donna smidt

  170. We, like so many others, have thought of you all every day since Tyler's accident. Many prayers have been whispered for each of you, as each of you will have your own personal challenge of dealing with this experience. We think of the days ahead for each of you. We will continue our thoughts of love and care towards you.
    Wayne and Audrey Ekman
    Rogers, AR
    Nathan & Amber Lewis
    Pea Ridge, AR
    Ryan & Autumn White
    Rosedale, IN

  171. Dear Grotz family,
    I'm so sorry to hear of Tyler's death. You have been on my mind and in my heart these past days...and will continue to be in my prayers in the days ahead.
    Love in Him,
    Donna (Burmeister) Bracy

  172. We weep with you, and we are comforted with you because nothing mattered to Tyler but salvation. We love you and we care deeply.
    Love, Susan Eicher

  173. My thoughts have been with you so much these last days. I was glad to think that God truly understands the heart of a parent toward a child. May his comfort be with you.

    Lisa White, Upper Peninsula, MI

  174. Our hearts and prayers reach out to you - though we have never met, we are One and touched by your loss. Our little mtg here in Alaska was thinking of you this morning. May your hearts draw closer to our Father, knowing Tyler is by His side.

    Bob and Gena Evans

  175. Our thoughts have gone your way so often these last few days. Though we did not ever have the privilege of knowing Tyler, we are touched by all that we have read about him. We recently enjoyed meeting Darren and Cara when they came to our fellowship meeting when they were visiting Brian and Roxie in Montana. We are so very sorry for your loss, and hope that knowing so many care and are touched by this will in some way help you through this time of great sorrow. Sincerely, Roger and Linda Benjamin

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  177. I haven't written anything till now, because I'm really at a loss for words. But I do want you to know I care. With love, Dean

  178. I don't know what to say but I want to extend my love and care to the whole family - parents, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, the meeting, etc.
    Love to all,
    DeAnn (Krapu) and Michael Payne

  179. Dear Duane and Brenda and family

    First....please feel our hug.

    I sit here by the computer and my fingers do not know which keys to punch. This keyboard is not capable of combining letters to create a note that would help or understand in any way the feelings of your "heart". my meager efforts (in the above deleted note) I typed out several 'XX's' in the shape of a heart, just to let you know that our "heart" goes out to are in our "hearts" and minds....our "heart" aches for you. We "heartly' know what to say. My artistic capabilities were a failure once I 'previewed' and 'published' the masterpiece. The X's ended up being all on the left side of the writing area! Apologies for that information.

    Just to let you know....Of late, we are seldom in Rock Rapids, Ia. We are with you in York NE. In the near future, we would like to come in person.

    With our love and meager means of comfort
    Loren and Linda Silvey

  180. Just wanted you to know that your family has been in my thoughts during your time of loss. By the news articles, it is obvious where Tyler's priorities were. I was also so thankful to see the good spiritual example your family is. So grateful that God is the best comforter and that he is close by.

    Andrea Ricter (Dean and Jeanette's daughter)
    Portland, Oregon.

  181. Evening Greetings,

    In our Sunday Morning Meeting, ----- Hymn 104 ------" The cord of life may snap - For young as well as old ..."
    was chosen with the thought of Tyler.

    Also, in prayer and testimony, your loss was shared as it is felt throughout many areas.

    Friends in Ohio

  182. Just a hearty "amen" to the messages of sympathy and love from so many. We belong to the most precious family on earth, and so thankful for every life, young or old, who finishes faithful in this race of faith. We pray that the God of all comfort will be with you during this experience. Much love from the Christian family in Australia.

  183. Dear Friends,

    As I sat and pondered what to say, three words crept into my heart: The Angels Came ...

    In life, Tyler encouraged and inspired many people. In death, He inspires thousands of us to keep true. How sweet to know that He began his day alone with God, and ended His final day in the arms of His loving God! On the final day of his life, he spent his final moments with his natural father, mother, brother, and friends expressing his love and saying goodbye; and then the angels came and he was lovingly carried to His Heavenly Father.

    York Convention will never be the same. As we gather in remembrance of the One who died for our soul, we will also remember Tyler, one who lived his life for God, and whose soul is safe in our Father's hands. There will forever be a memorial engraved upon our hearts as we think of all of you.

    May you find rainbows, special blessings, little signs, that encourage your souls as long as you live. May your tears be turned into thankfulness for a special young man that God loaned to you for 21 1/2 years. May each waking moment knowing so many of us have you in our thoughts and prayers keep you strengthened in the days ahead ... remembering that one day, you will see Tyler again! Oh to be ready, watching and waiting!

    This article on the funeral was so very touching.

  184. We wept with you over here in Germany... because I remember Tyler from long ago as the cutest little boy who loved all of us. And because we also have sons, we feel for you in your tragic loss, as we also share in your comfort that his soul is safe.

  185. .......What is dying?

    A ship sails and I stand

    watching until he fades

    on the horizon, and someone at my

    side says, "He is gone".

    Gone where? Gone from my

    sight, that is all; he is just as

    large as when I saw him.

    The diminished size and total

    loss of sight is in me, not in

    him, and just at the moment

    when someone at my side

    says "he is gone" there are

    others who are watching him

    coming, and other voices

    take up a glad shout, "there

    he comes!".... and that is


    I thought of this poem shared when a friend passed away and connected it with your son’s passing. We cannot feel what you are feeling but we are praying to our God and He knows what you are feeling and we know he will keep you close to His heart these sorrowful days. Just know we are all weeping in our hearts with you. Love in Him, Win and Julia Hernstedt, California

  186. Dear Friends,
    We too living in Alberta have been so touched with the loss of Dear Tyler. Our province is strong into agriculture as yours and understand the dangers that surround farming. We were happy with Tyler's choice of vehicles and farm equipment as it was our pleasure to sell Chevy's and John Deere's for many years. As parents, one can not comprehend the deep deep hurt of losing a precious child. We have never experienced this but our very deepest sympathy and prayers have been so much with you this past week. As we do not see the big picture, we know that God does not make mistakes and fruitfulness will abound.
    Our love,
    Penny and Delbert Lewis
    Box 1570, Pincher Creek, AB T0K1W0

  187. As others have mentioned it is so hard to know what to say. Just want to express that our hearts and thoughts have been with you these last few days. We didn't know your son personally but that hasn't kept us from feeling an ache in our hearts as we think of your family. Your family was mentioned right after our meeting on Sunday as we were all thinking of you.
    The Quicks - Gary, Dee, Elizabeth, and Allyson Ashland, IL

  188. Reading through the notes left by others, it is evident of how many people one life can touch. It's also amazing to see our big family and the comfort and help that can't be blocked by state or even country borders. We may never know why someone is taken at a certain time, but it's always a comfort that it's God's timing and he has a plan. I'm thankful for Tyler's life, that it's one that we can all look to for an example, of keeping true and faithful up to the very end-never taking a day for granted.
    Love and peace,
    Karina from CT

  189. Dear Friends, My thoughts and prayers have been with you these past days. My brother died when he was 17 years old (also professing). I remember seeing and feeling the grief of my parents. It is so wonderful to see so many from the US and around the world who are reaching out to you in thought and prayer. I like to think of all those prayers being able to harness a portion of the vastness of God's Spirit; providing the family and Tyler's special friends with extra strength during this difficult time.
    Although I don't know you, I love you through the Spirit of God.
    Diane Grundstrom, from BC Canada

  190. Dear Duane, Brenda and family,

    Our thoughts and prayers have continually gone your way since hearing the devastating news about Tyler. Cannot even begin to understand your pain, sorrow, anguish and emptiness...a parent's worst nightmare! It's been so encouraging to hear and read about what a remarkable young man Tyler was. Truly an inspiration to everyone! He was so lucky to have such faithful parents who taught by example and showed him what really matters in life! Our study this week is Luke 2, where God sent Jesus to this earth. God and Jesus knew the pain of a physical parting, but were still united in spirit until that day when they were reunited in Heaven again. So thankful God understands the tender feelings of a parent and is quick to comfort! You can look forward to that day when you will be reunited with Tyler again.

    We have precious memories of spending time with your family while we were working in Nebraska and also when you came to Upper Michigan and went snowmobiling with us.

    Sending our deepest sympathy and love,
    Keith and Annette Klaty and family
    Newberry, MI

  191. When we lookd at those pictures of Tyler, and read of the accident, there was a lump in my throat and tears welled up in my eyes. What a strong young and able man he was. A wonderful prospect for a "stewart of the land". What a tragic loss for you, his family. One thing we know, God will stand by to comfort you, and even though we don't understand "why", His will is best. Joan and I farm with our son and daughter-in-law, and can appreciate , in a amall way, the loss you feel.
    Joan and Doug Beach, from Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada.

  192. I dont know you either, but my heart has been aching for you all since I read of your tragedy. As a parent I can only imagine how you must be feeling, but I know you will have comfort in knowing Tyler lived for the things that are eternal. It has been so inspiring to read of his faithful young life. I pray that you will find comfort in the days ahead
    Annette and Ricky Jackson, Tasmania, Australia.

  193. We heard at convention that in the Kingdom of God, sorrow is divided and joy is multiplied. As we are seeking to live every part of the bible, that God sees our efforts, and is no debtor to any, but gives great blessings in return. In Isaiah it says, "And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the LORD, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel." May your treasure increase because of this dark experience. I have never met you, but we may one day be in heaven together, so I feel it doesn't matter. Love from Susan Skalicky(age 21 also) in British Columbia, Canada.

  194. Dear Duane & Brenda, Darren & Cara, Brianna, Tonya,
    We are so very sorry to hear about the death of Tyler and wanted to send you our most heartfelt sympathies for your loss. You have all been in our thoughts a lot over the past days and our hearts truly are aching for you all at this difficult time. We can only begin to imagine what you are going through. Tyler was such a great young guy, kind & a lot of fun and sure will be missed enormously.
    We have very fond memories of the times we spent together, both in our country and yours. Although only brief, we still remember them well... we had great days, and feel a special tie between our families. We cherish these memories and are thankful to have known Tyler!
    We are sorry we cannot be with you at this time, but hope that the love and comfort of God, and those around you help you through the tough days ahead. You are in our prayers.
    All our love... Nic, Felicity & Corinne Clapham xo
    QLD Australia

  195. To all of Tyler's family, We didnt have the privilege of knowing Tyler,and wish we had,(Kara did know him) but we know and love Rodney. Word's are so feeble in a time of such heart break but want you to know our care is with you. Curtis and Elizabeth Kleppen

  196. Just want to add our sincere sympathy to all of Tyler's family. There really are no words to express our feelings, but thankful for the love that abounds.

    Love and care to all of you. Wayne and Darlene Jensen

  197. I do want to extend my sincere sympathy as I can enter in to the experence you are going through. Thirty seven years ago today, I lost my husband and my four children (ages 6 through 17) lost their father due to a tragic tractor accident. One peice of advice I received was "don't put a question mark where God has put a period". Sincere love in Christ, Alice Papendorf

  198. I did not know Tyler or his family but have been thinking of those who knew him much this pass week. A few years ago we had a family in our meeting lose their three year old son in a car accident. I remember the worker who had the funeral saying that there are three types of situations, god planned, god allowed, and god used. He said it was not for us to know which was applied in each life expierence. I did not know Tyler but hearing his testimony through others and hearing about the peace he had at the end of his life has effected me and has made me examin my life. I am glad we know a great comforter and that we have a greater perspective than just this life. My thoughts and prayers are with the Grotz family.